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Yes! Deals’ pressure and deceiving data have likely caused you to accept that you should utilize skincare products from a similar brand to get results. You may have been informed that including items from various brands will make different items you are utilizing incapable, or not fill in just as they could. None of this is valid at all. Not exclusively is it flawlessly OK to mix and match items from various brands, yet at times doing so is fundamental in the event that you need to get the most ideal outcomes! 

Concentrate on the Formula, Not the Hype 

What truly checks are the formulas, and whether those suit your skin type and your skin concerns. As a rule, the line you are utilizing incorporates some great items, some gravely formulated items, items that aren’t fit your skin type, and items bundled in container compartments (which open sensitive fixings to light and air, bargaining their viability). In this way, utilizing items just from that line (both the great and terrible items) will promise you don’t get the most ideal outcomes; you may get poor or even hazardous outcomes. 

Your skin doesn’t have the foggiest idea and couldn’t care less about which brand you use—it simply needs items that work! 

Consider it along these lines: Asking whether you can utilize items from various brands in a single skincare routine resembles inquiring as to whether you can prepare a nutritious dinner with fixings from various supermarkets or make a cake utilizing a mix from one brand and icing from another. The appropriate response? Obviously, you can! Peruse on to find the reality behind some regular myths. Like, encompassing how to mix and match items from various brands into one everyday practice. 

Myth: Products from a similar brand are intended to cooperate. 

Fact: beyond any doubt, the request where you utilize your items is significant, however, your skin can’t tell in the event that you utilize a cream from Brand X after a chemical from Brand Y. A well-formulated item from any line will work with an item from any a different line as long as they are fitting for your skin type. 

Myth: Most brands offer everything my skin actually needs. 

Fact: For the most part, skincare products organizations will in general disregard the basic components of healthy skin, and many offer ineffectively formulated alternatives close by great ones. For instance, an organization may have an extraordinary cream, however, it likewise may sell cruel chemicals or toners that incorporate kinds of liquor that can harm the skin. 

Significantly all the more upsetting is that numerous skincare products organizations sell eye creams that don’t contain a sunscreen. If you utilize one of those during the day, it will lead to exacerbating wrinkles and dark circles. Realize that a couple of brands offer items for all skin types or concerns, particularly on the off chance that you have slick/blend skin, breakouts, skin break out, rosacea, sun harm, skin stains, or touchy skin. Include individual inclination, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive how no single item is going to meet each individual’s healthy skin needs. 

Myth: It’s more secure for my skin to utilize items all from one brand. 

Fact: There is no exploration demonstrating that skin experiences utilizing items from various brands. In fact, there is no issue with mixing items from various brands. This is as long as the items are well-formulated and contain no known aggravations. Not exclusively will your skin be protected, yet additionally, if you pick the best items accessible, your skin will be far more advantageous, more youthful-looking, and less inclined to break out or get marks. 

Myth: If I don’t utilize the entirety of a brand’s items, I won’t see the most extreme outcomes. 

Fact: In so far as you’re reliably utilizing items that are well-formulated and appropriate for your skin type and concern. You should see positive outcomes. Be that as it may, keep your desires reasonable: No item will work like Botox. Also, no spot treatment will totally eradicate a difficult pimple medium-term. In the event that your objective is clear, brilliant, sound looking skin, the thing that the majority of us need. You can totally accomplish that with predictable utilization of splendidly formulated items. The aforementioned is regardless of what line or brand of the product. The watchword here is “reliable”. In case you’re not reliable with your daily schedule, you can’t reasonably anticipate outstanding outcomes. 

Keep in mind: You can construct a powerful healthy skin schedule. Just concentrate on formulas that focus on your skin type and concerns. Lastly, do not stress over much anything else.


Hello. My name is Priya Kesharwani, Founder and Owner at Skinish, Natural Skincare predator. I’ve been very much keen in natural skin and haircare. I have been working on these creations for a while now. The idea of natural and organic products is pure to me. For me the products have worked very well. My mantra- To grow the idea of organic products across the globe.

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