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In today’s day and age, when the pollution levels are always high, taking care of your skin should be a habit, not something that you’d occasionally do. A skincare routine does not only help your skin glow but also helps you relax and give you that “me” time you desperately need. Make your face mask at home.

One of the main components of the skincare routine is using face masks. Face masks are a paste of various ingredients, grinded and mixed in specific amounts in a base. The type of mask depends on the type of skin you have. Face masks are easily available in the market but for those who are keen, you can make your own face mask at home. It is absolutely simple to get hold of the ingredients and also easier to combine them. No tough math, we promise! 

Homemade face masks could be prepared from purely organic skincare ingredients. Given below is the recipe to make Rose, Honey and Oats Mask. This anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial face mask is a soothing treat for acne or rosacea-prone skin but can be enjoyed by most skin types. 

how to make face mask at home

For this you will need: 

  • ¼ cup oat flour or finely ground oatmeal 
  • 3 tbsp rose petal powder
  • 2 tbsp rhassoul clay
  • 2 tbsp raw manuka or kanuka honey( or substitute any raw honey)
  • 2 tbsp warm water 

Follow the process below to make your own face mask at home:

  1. Firstly, thoroughly mix finely ground oats, rose powder, and clay in a small bowl. 
  2. Stir honey into the warm water until dissolved, then gradually mix into dry ingredients until it forms a paste. 
  3. Add additional warm water until the mask reaches the desired consistency. 
  4. Apply to face, avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Finally, gently pat skin dry with a clean towel. 

This recipe makes a generous batch, so feel free to halve if desired. 

The benefits that the face masks offer are endless, especially for someone who is serious about skincare, face masks are a must-have in their list. Applying it at least twice a week will have effects like:

Deep Cleansing:

Washing your face daily surely does remove the oil and dirt but masking pulls out the impurities from deep within. Along with the immediate effect that you notice after applying a face mask, it goes a long way in purifying the skin below the first layer of the skin. 


As mentioned above, that face masks can give you a little bit of “me” time in this fast running world. It can be therapeutic for you to apply the face mask and set aside 15 minutes for yourself, doing nothing. When infused with essential oils, face masks are great for relaxation. 

Glowing skin:

At the same time as soon as you wash off the dried mask, you will notice a radiance and glow on your face. This happens because applying a face mask improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the blood cells. There is an overall improvement in skin tone. 

Unclog the pores:

Clogged pores are a nightmare, that we can agree upon! Since, they cause blackheads, whiteheads, acne and not what. And then double the work to treat these. Face masks remove these problems from the roots, quite literally. They unclog the pores and let your skin breathe. Thus, the pollution, dirt, and oil are pulled away from the skin leaving it super clean. 

So try making this simple DIY face mask at home and sit back and relax while your skin detoxifies!


Hello. My name is Priya Kesharwani, Founder and Owner at Skinish, Natural Skincare predator. I’ve been very much keen in natural skin and haircare. I have been working on these creations for a while now. The idea of natural and organic products is pure to me. For me the products have worked very well. My mantra- To grow the idea of organic products across the globe.

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